My name is John Bronson and in my earlier days, I never understood what it meant to have a brand, create a brand or even leverage a brand.

I would talk to my mentors and advisors and they would say “do you understand the kind of brand leverage you have because you climbed to the top level of a professional sport?”

Still, it never really sunk into me, until…

One day I got an invite to play in a very prestigious Pro-Am golf tournament in Scottsdale, Arizona after an NFL teammate declined to go to the event hours earlier.

Never mind that I wasn’t very good at golf, I just had some time on my hands and thought it would be fun to see what it was all about.

As I made my way to the driving range, I was already wondering why I was here.

Here were some of the world’s greatest golfers and I was swinging clubs right next to them.

I was an undrafted rookie free agent who had just made an NFL team months earlier.

As the golf day went on, I was able to meet many of high-level business professionals who were out for a good round of golf.

One gentleman, I really connected with and we chatted the entire round of golf.

This event would eventually be a monumental moment for me not because of the star-studded celebrity roster of Jim Carey, Reba McIntyre, Garth Brooks, Baby Face, Robin Williams and many other celebrities…

…but to my life as I gained a handful of mentors, business partners, and friendships that have carried on to this day.

Had I not taken the opportunity to play a round of golf, I would have never been able to able to be presented with potential future opportunities.

From that point on, I realized the power of how the Pro Athlete brand attracts, even to A-list Celebrities.

Fast forward to today:

Since retiring from the NFL in 2008, my mission has been to help small businesses attract more customers quickly, using simple and engaging marketing strategies.

I love helping small businesses that have a tie to sports, health, and wellness in any way.

People believe that getting their business brand out is difficult, expensive and out of reach, fortunately, that isn’t true.

Even if you have never been to a sports game and don’t know a single player, you can get results and my mission is to share this formula with you.

As a pro athlete myself, I have been fortunate to be around many of other pro athletes, celebrities, and influencers and understand what it takes to leverage a business brand and now I can share those same insights with you.

I look forward to meeting you!

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